Thursday, September 15, 2005

My dancing course

I've been at dancing course today - was fine. I'll have chance to dance almost every day, if I want to. Just one must - find a partner. So if you're beautiful young girl with wide dancing experiences, you can contact me :-)

Well - another nice thing to do. Today I found fine job: Completing some computers. In fact I have to put old computers together and make one modern full-featured computer. The salary is very motivating - I will get one cup of coffee every day which I will work :-) Additionaly they can't find their old SW licences, so SW upgrade looks almost impossible... If it wouldn't be help for my friend I will probably f*ck it up.

Back to dancing again - after summer holidays, there is new dancing season. Now I have great chances to improve my skills, because we've very good and fine lecturers. I am looking forward for every training and practise courses.

That's all for today. I hope you tolerate my English mistakes. If not, go away right now.