Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Czech Roads Tax Silniční daň

Road tax (Silniční daň) in Czech Republic

Taxation forms library

Open Tax - forms library

Register for road tax (once)

Find your form, i.e. for contractors, find section 
"Přihláška k registraci fyzických osob - univerzální", or 
"Přihláška k registraci pro fyzické osoby", 
open form:
Online EPO form (for Datová schránka = Data mailbox)

Fill in your details.
20. Očekávaná daňová povinnost = expected tax to be paid (i.e. 250 * 5 * 0.6 = 750 CZK)
Send form through Datová schránka = Data mailbox

Tax return - calculate, claim and pay your Road tax (yearly, no later than 1. February)

Find section 
"Přiznání k dani silniční" or 
"Daňové přiznání k dani silniční - od roku 2009 včetně", 
open form:
Online EPO form (mainly for Datová schránka = Data mailbox)

Fill the form, pay the tax (i.e. via QR code).
Read the Instructions - Pokyny
"Datum počátku zdaň. období" i.e. 1.1.2019
"Kód rozlišení typu přiznání" = A (default)
Claim for the previous year until end of new January.

Account number (Pilsen city citizens)

Finance buroeau for Pilsen region (Finanční úřad pro Plzeňský kraj):

Pay quarterly tax deposits (1/4 of yearly tax)

15. April
15. July
15. October
15. December


Tax deposit is paid quarterly, i.e. January-March period is paid in April.
Paid for each month of car ownership (even partial).
Tax discount can be applied based on car age:
0 to less than 3 years: 48% discount
3 to less than 6 years: 40% discount
6 to less than 9 years: 25% discount
9 years and older car:   0% discount
Rough tax deposit estimate: II. oddíl (on page 2), Roční (denní) sazba (column 20) deducted by discount divided to each quarter of year, i.e. 3000 * 60% / 4 = 3000 * 0.6 / 4 = 450 per quarter of year.

Paragraf §6 - 40% for 3-years car
"Není vyplněno snížení dle odst. 6." - delete and rewrite whole line
§ 12Sleva na dani = not applicable = only combined containers


Czech tax offices - bank account numbers
Road tax amount - based on car ccm
Instructions for subscription

Offline forms for subscription interactive PDF for print or (old PDF)
Offline forms for tax return PDF for print - Interactive PDF

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Evernote autocorrect autocomplete fixed for Samsung keyboard


Using Evernote with autocomplete or autocorrect causes issues. Text appears twice and becomes mangled.


Samsung Galaxy  S5 Neo
Android 5
Android 6 (both versions affected)
Samsung keyboard
Keyboard swipe: Continuous input


Go to:

/ Settings / Language and Input / Samsung Keyboard

Set following features on:

Predictive text On
Auto capitalise On
Auto spacing On
Auto punctuate On


Setting "Auto spacing On" seems mandatory to solve the issue.