Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tools for Linux, MySQL, OpenVZ...

Useful tools for Linux, MySQL, OpenVZ, etc.

dstat - disk and memory statistics
vmstat - virtual hosts statistics
htop - like top but more user friendly
mytop - like top but does MySQL monitoring
ipcs - ipc facilities info
ntop - like top but for network statistics
gparted - GNOME partition editor, allows drag and drop (partition magic for Linux)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Subversion keywords: svn propset

While commiting file into subversion you can get following error:

File: trunk/etc/init.d/apache-local
Appears to be a text file, yet it does not allow RCS Id substitution.
Sorry, this is a rule. Please fix svn:keywords.


svn propset 'svn:keywords' 'Author Date Id Revision' file-name

Shell alias

alias svnpropset='svn propset '\''svn:keywords'\'' '\''Author Date Id Revision'\'''

Other examples

set file executable flag:
svn propset 'svn:executable' 1 filename

Another svn task: list files which will be altered by further svn update
svn st -u