Sunday, July 11, 2021

Docker notes unplugged

 My Docker notes - crossroads

Docker network configuration

My Docker networking notes


Docker Swarm stack deploy

My Docker Swarm stack deployment notes


Docker and Kubernetes k8s

kubectl config get-contexts

kubectl config use-context docker-desktop

kubectl get nodes


Docker: Kubernetes intro - deploy on k8s

Docker: Get started with Kubernetes - build docker k8s ready apps

Docker: Play with Kubernetes

Kubernetes - home

Kubernetes: deprecating Docker, switch to other containers (containerd or CRI-O) (Open Container Initiative)

Kubernetes: Dockershim deprecation FAQ

MS: Kubernetes vs Docker - cz

See also

My AWS - Amazon Web Services - notes

DockerCon 2021 - conference

PlayWithDocker - play, 101tut, lab, get started, training

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