Sunday, October 12, 2008

Automated build with Autotools

Automake, Autoconf, Libtool - simply Autotools...

Quick way to start autotools

Programmer's command sequence:

autoreconf --install --force
make clean

builds the configuration scripts by calling the sequence of particular autotools commands. The advantage is that we do not have to remember the whole sequence
and we do it in one simple command.

force forces the autoreconf to rebuild the configuration even if it already exists.

make clean cleans up build environment

The autoreconf command supplies following sequence
libtoolize --force
automake --foreign --add-missing

User's command sequence:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local
make check # not neccessary, just a test
DESTDIR=/tmp/package make install

AutoBook book for Auto* Libtool, Gettext, ... (latest)
AutoTools for beginners - quick intro
Wikipedia: GNU build system - short description

Monday, October 06, 2008

Greek dance, Prague tower, bowling

Weekend in Czech cottange with Greek dance, Prague tower and bowling without bowles...

Last weekend I was invited to friend's cottage. He prepared barbequeing and bought Pilsen beer.

It was great but I left during saturday to prepare for Greek dance with my friend. It was simply excellent. Good music and good dance with fine people. And additionally I have found dancing partner for latin dance courses.

On sunday evening I have met with my school mate and his girl friend. They invited me to visit their new residence. It was nice place. We were talking to late night about summer, traveling, work and our hobbies. We almost forgot about the bowling so we had to change our plan and move the bowling to wednesday.

On wednesday will be interresting concert so we will probably change our plans again.

Evrope to osladime

Evropě to osladíme. Dokonce jsme si nechali nahrát novou verzi hymny, která obsahuje nepatrné zakašlání. Prostě je vidět, že na Evropu kašleme. (Obrázek kampaně převzat z